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Ultra Modern Furniture

Ultra Modern Furniture

Aug 5, 2019

Ultra-modern furniture is characterized by emphasized curvature, sleek surfaces, and subversive shapes. Many furniture items in this category feature designs that are reminiscent of science-fiction and most are made with materials like glass, plastic, and metal.

The ultra-modern design philosophy is an extension of modern furniture, which embraces simplistic, functional designs over the highly-decorative and richly-textured designs of previous eras.

How to Achieve the Ultra-Modern Look at Home

One core aesthetic principle of the ultra-modern look is lean design. Most ultra-modern furniture is sleek, streamlined, and spacious. It forgoes the bulk and heft of traditional furniture design, which produces spaces that feel less cluttered and “breathe” better as a result.

To capture the ultra-modern look at home, try reducing the prevalence of decor with patterned fabrics, wood grains, and ornate designs. If necessary, consider replacing these items with low-profile equivalents, such as Modloft’s Mercer Dining Armchair or the company’s Amsterdam Coffee Table.

Brighten Up Your Space with Various Colors

Many shoppers are tempted to adopt a black-and-white color scheme for their ultra-modern space. However, the transition to ultra-modern furniture doesn’t mean you’ll have to leave your favorite colors behind. With the right decor choices, it’s possible to introduce color into an ultra-modern space while retaining the style’s distinctive and futuristic look.

To do so, try theming your decor around the following colors:

  • Baby blue 
  • Camel 
  • Marine 
  • Navy 
  • Caramel 
  • Khaki

Fortunately, there are many ultra-modern furniture items available in these colors or similar variants. By using a careful eye and selectively emphasizing specific colors, you can create a convincing ultra-modern space that’s vivid and inviting.

When in Doubt, Go Minimalistic

If you’re struggling to integrate ultra-modern furniture into your space, remember this golden rule: less is more. By scaling back on the amount of furniture and decor in your room, you’ll be exercising one of the style’s core design principles. As a bonus, you’ll save time, money, and energy by avoiding the extraneous design choices that can often accompany an overly-complex or “busy” space.

To create a more minimalistic space for your new ultra-modern furniture, here are a few tips:

  • Remove all items from shelves and tables and only put back the essentials 
  • Cut down on color: too many colors can clash, resulting in a visually-cluttered environment that’s unsuitable for ultra-modern furniture 
  • Replace obtrusive wall sconces and overhead light fixtures with lighter, simpler alternatives 
  • Embrace function over form: remove redundant desks, drawers, and chairs to free up floor space and reduce visual clutter

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