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Dining Room

Modern Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room is more than just a place to eat. This is where your family and friends have the chance to connect and create unforgettable memories. So, whether you’re hosting during the holiday season or just trying to create a breathtaking space to present your heartfelt, home-cooked dishes, get the modern dining room furniture you need here.

Our contemporary dining room chairs, tables, and bars will allow you to design the space of your dreams. We take pride in our ability to make your home a warm and welcoming Mecca for the people you choose to share your life with. Elevate your home’s aesthetic with furniture that combines style, elegance, and practically.

Which Seating Is Right for My Needs?

two stainless steel and faux leather barstools in front of a home bar

The seating you choose should be based on your unique needs and taste. If you’re installing a bar, for example, opt for a couple of tall, sleek bar stools that will allow you to entertain for hours on end. However, if you’re someone who hosts larger parties or has a big family, we recommend matching some ergonomic chairs with the rest of your modern dining room furniture, including a sizable dining table.

Of course, chairs or stools should be, above all, comfortable. Fortunately, we at Sawyer Twain hand-select options that are stylish and comfortable, so you never have to sacrifice one for the other. Grab seats that feature armrests for added support, or go armless to save space around the table. Choose cushioned leather chairs that you can really sink into (and easily clean) or rattan options that are flexible and long-lasting.

taupe faux leather and stainless steel dining room chair by square table

In terms of quantity, it makes sense to purchase, at minimum, a set of four contemporary dining room chairs for your home. But, a good rule of thumb is to leave at least 24 inches between each chair to ensure everyone has the space they need.

Sawyer Twain offers an endless assortment of styles designed by top brands for you to choose from.

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How Should I Choose My Dining Room Table?

round oak veneer dining table with two dining chairs

From round options (perfect for easily sharing dishes and encouraging chit-chat) to rectangular tables (ideal for a timeless aesthetic), we offer a wide variety of high-quality choices when it comes to dining room tables.

As you're browsing, it’s important to stick to a style that works well with your current interior, (unless you’re preparing for a renovation, in which case, you have more leeway). Wooden tables are great for creating a sense of warmth, while glass tables appear light and airy. Our modern dining room furniture is designed with unmistakable sophistication and style.

black marble and stainless steel dining table

Find a table that speaks to you, and measure the space you intend to put it in to make sure it will fit without crowding. Selecting a table that’s too large will only serve to make your space feel smaller. There should be at least 36 inches of space between the backs of your contemporary dining room chairs and the walls, which provides room for people to move around freely.

Additionally, a standard table is 30 inches high and typically provides a more formal look. Counter-height (36 inches) tables are more informal and take advantage of vertical space, especially in smaller rooms.

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Organizing Your New Dining Room Furniture

If you’re looking for a full dining set to effortlessly complete your new home, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to mix and match styles and create a more individualized aesthetic, you can purchase individual pieces. The next big decision you’ll have to make is how to organize your modern dining room furniture in a way that works for your space.

For a smaller dining room, an intimate, bistro-style table with two matching contemporary dining room chairs will prevent the space from looking heavy or cluttered. Keep the room open by pushing a square table against one wall. If needed, opt for a small drink trolley to add extra storage near your table.

Even if you do host events once or twice a year, you should organize your dining space for daily use. That may mean storing chairs in a separate part of the house until they’re needed. Allow your table to take center stage by centering it in the room and hanging an elegant pendant light above it.

What About Outdoor Dining?

4-piece wicker outdoor dining set with blue cushions

Sawyer Twain makes dining outside even more memorable. Our selection of modern outdoor furniture is exactly what you need to take your backyard aesthetic to the next level. Look for outdoor dining tables that feature powdered-coated aluminum that won’t rust. Cafe styles allow you to enjoy coffee in the crisp morning air. Umbrella tables protect your family and guests from the sun’s UV rays. Simply add some seating (complete with weather-resistant, low-maintenance cushions), and make the most out of your outdoor space.

Then, because no outside dining set-up is complete without the ability to cook a killer meal for your loved ones, Sawyer Twain has an outstanding assortment of high-quality BBQ grills for you to choose from.

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Dine-In In Comfort and Style

Gone are the days that you used the dining room table to fold laundry and stack miscellaneous bills that you’ll eventually get to. Your dining room is just waiting to be a hotspot for laughter and deep conversation with the people you cherish the most, so don’t settle for the basics. Upgrade the most important room in your home with Sawyer Twain’s modern dining room furniture. Explore classic styles that will be sure to keep a conversation going.

Dine-in in comfort with Sawyer Twain’s gorgeous, contemporary dining room chairs and tables. Experience what it feels like to live your very best life in the comfort of your own home. We have a wide variety of high-quality furniture to help you achieve your dining room goals in no time at all. Discover your favorite aesthetic, and let us help you passionately implement it in your home today.