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BBQ Grills

At Sawyer Twain we aim to do whatever we can to make your time with family and friends more enjoyable, and what represents family and friends better than a good old fashioned barbecue. Grilling up some hot dogs and burgers (or some veggie kabobs for the vegetarians) , gathered around the pool or the backyard is as emblematic of American fun as anything -- and we have just the pieces to fulfill this recipe.

Shop our marketplace for a wide variety of outdoor grills from top brands like Napoleon, Summerset, Beefeater, and more. Whether you prefer a gas grill or a charcoal grill, we have just what you need. When browsing gas grills be sure to check out both our built-in and standalone versions to ensure that it suits your existing or custom space. Similarly, we have a handful of charcoal grills, including the infamous Kamado Joe grills, for those who love that good old fashioned smoky flavor.

Are you an adventurer? For those of you who find yourself with the travel bug, hitting the mountains or the beach for a camping getaway, we also offer a selection of portable grill for you to take cookbook on the road!

Gas Grill vs. Charcoal Grill

Ah, the eternal debate... gas vs. charcoal. Everyone has their own preference, so there is no clear and defined answer, but we can assist in providing you with the pros and cons of gas vs. charcoal. You decide for yourself which you think best fits your lifestyle and your flavor palette!

prestigepro-500-3-rsib-life-man-woman-grilling.jpgGas is faster, easier, & healthier. With a gas grill you can expect convenience. With easy to use temperature controls and spark ignition start up, you can get to cooking within minutes following a quick preheat. No coal necessary, thus eliminating any need to continually keep the fire burning. Similarly, temperature control allows you to cook a wide variety of items from hefty meats that require a high heat to delicate fruits & veggies that require something much more mild. Not to mention gas grills have also proven to be healthier for the human body. Meat grilled by gas has proven to have less carcinogens than that of meat which has been charred by a charcoal grill.

Prepare for a more complex assembly with gas. While a gas grill may be easier to use once it is set up, the assembly can prove to be a little more complicated than a charcoal grill. A charcoal grill can be popped up with ease, while the gas grill requires you to connect to a gas line or propane tank. If this doesn't bother you, then it sounds like to pros might outweigh the cons! Also be aware that given the assembly, the portability of a gas grill is also much more limited or in some cases non-existent.

charcoal-nk22-life-detail-wood-chunks-1.jpgMake your food hotter & more flavorful at a lower price with charcoal. Some prefer the charcoal grill for the extreme heat at which you can cook your food, often exceeding that capable of a gas grill (unless you're willing to shell out a little extra cash). Temperatures can easily achieve 600 degrees, getting up to even 700 degrees, giving meat a nice crisp char desired by so many. Similarly, you can expect a much more smoky and flavorful cook out of a charcoal grill. As the meat sits in its chamber of heat, the smoke from the charcoal mixed with the juices of the cut soak into the meat, ultimately creating something much more savory than you will get with a gas grill. All of this can be achieved for a lower price than a gas grill as well, although you will have to remember that the prep work to realize this can be a little more difficult.

Charcoal grills take time and incur some unexpected costs. While the payoff may be worth the trouble, take note that a charcoal grill may require some extra time each time you cook with it. Expect that a charcoal grill will take longer to heat up, sometimes 15-20 minutes to reach proper cooing temperature. And beyond that, the clean up process can be much more intense than with a gas grill. Whereas a gas grill only requires you to brush off the cooking surface, with a charcoal grill you will also need to empty the grill of the excess charcoal and finish it off with a scrubbing of the base. Not to mention, the charcoal/fuel costs can become costly over time with 20lbs of charcoal typically lasting for only 3 cooks or so.

SO... while each outdoor grill has their pros and their cons, the decision ultimately comes down to what is important to you. Are you looking for convenience and versatility? Then perhaps it is best that you look into options for gas grills. Are you looking for a more flavorful cook at a lower price? Then maybe it is best to go for a charcoal grill. Either way, we are certain that when you are shopping here at Sawyer Twain we will have an option to suit your needs.


legriddle-lifestyle-10.jpgOnce you have decided on the grill to best suit your lifestyle, take your outdoor kitchen one step further by adding a griddle! We'd like to call one brand in particular to your attention: Le Griddle.

Le Griddle is designed and manufactured in the heart of luxury and gastronomy: France. American chef tested, French chef approved - Le Griddle is unique in that it is created using technology from the aircraft industry; it's construction is that of stainless steel 304 and cast iron, preventing discoloration and making for a good as new product after each clean. Not to mention, Le Griddle products include a lifetime warranty. You can get your Le Griddle in 3 different sizes: 16", 30" & 41". You will also have the choice to add on covers, accessory kits, insulate liners and more. FREE shipping is included with purchase.



For those who love to be at the forefront of innovation, have we got the grill for you. Inspired by the quest for a better cut and a better cook, the creators behind Kamado Joe crafted one of the best ceramic charcoal grills in the game. Forged with the ancient Asian-style cook in mind, Kamado Joe has modernized this process of bringing air through the body and out through the vented dome with a variety of novel accessories and multifaceted cooking surfaces. 

kamado-joe-grill.jpgSome of their inventive accessories include the DoJoe, the Joetisserie, and the iKamand. The DoJoe allows for you to transform your ceramic Kamado grill into a pizza oven, while the Joetisserie can spin up to 50 pounds of meat using its 120V motor all while preserving the meats delectable juices. The iKamand renovates this ancient style of cooking to satisfy the convenience of the modern day consumer by enabling Wi-Fi powered cooking to monitor your foods temperature throughout the cook straight from your smartphone using the iKamand app.

Perhaps the most revolutionary tech comes in the for of Kamado Joe's SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber. This feature makes the Kamado Joe grills one of the world's most optimal food smoking tools, distributing smoke and heat is rolling, recirculating waves. In doing this, the SloRoller consumes the cooking meats in smoke, while evenly distributing heat throughout the cook - thus creating flavor the likes of which you've never tasted before. You can experience this new technology in Kamado Joe models like the Big Joe III and the Classic Joe III, which both come with the SloRoller feature included.




Looking to take your favorite flavors with you on the road? At Sawyer Twain we have a selection of portable grills which will serve as the perfect means to wrapping a long day of hiking or kayaking with a delicious, savory meal. Napoleon BBQs has a wide variety of gas & electric powered portable grills with features like carts and griddles as add-ons. Plus, you can even take the flavor of a charcoal grill on the road with the Kamado Joe Jr! Check out some of our selection below: