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Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Designing the bedroom of your dreams can be challenging. Sawyer Twain is here to make it fun. With a stunning collection of modern bedroom furniture online, you’ll be able to sleep in a space that reflects your personality and style. Curl up in one of our contemporary beds for a good night’s sleep, and grab a book off your new eye-catching nightstand. Whether you’re looking to replace all your bedroom furniture or upgrade one piece, we can help.

We’ve carefully selected our contemporary furniture online to work together in your home. We have everything you’ll need, from comfortable, but classic seating to beautifully made storage solutions. Explore our contemporary bedroom furniture today!

Finding Your Goldilocks Bed

white king bed with matching dresser and nightstand

When you come home from a busy day, your bed should feel like a calm, comfortable haven. Of course, there’s a lot to think about when buying the perfect bed. The headboard style and color, the material, and the size are all major considerations. We’re here to help you choose the ideal bedroom furniture online.

Our furniture will do more than just elevate your bedroom. These high-quality beds will also support your mattress to help it last longer, ensuring you sleep well for years to come.

What Size Should My Bed Be?

white and black king bed against a tan and gold wall

When you buy a bed as part of your contemporary bedroom furniture set, you’ll have to start by choosing what size you want. There’s twin, full, queen, king, California king, and more. If you already have a mattress that you don’t intend on replacing, you’ll want to get a bed frame that fits it. If you’re starting completely fresh, though, there are a few things to think about when choosing the size of your bed.

For starters, think about how tall you are and what will be most comfortable for you. For example, a twin XL, queen, and king are about 80 inches long, while a California king is 84 inches long. These are ideal for taller individuals. Additionally, how many people will share the bed? Twin beds are great for smaller spaces and can easily sleep one. However, if you have a partner, you’ll likely be looking for at least a queen, which is 60 inches wide.

Then, look at the square footage you have to work with. A bed frame that’s too large for the room will be difficult to place and maneuver around. Make sure you know how much space you’ll need for other bedroom furniture, like dressers and nightstands, around your bed. Also, consider how much space you need to walk around and move freely in your bedroom. Typically, you’ll want to leave as least two feet of space around the sides of your bed. This will determine how large of a bed you can buy.

What Style Will Work for My Space?

Once you’ve determined the size of the bed you’ll be buying, you can think about the style that will work best with your other contemporary bedroom furniture to pull the room together. Do you want your bed to be the focal point when you walk into the room? Or are you looking for something more understated? Either way, we have a great selection of modern beds that will work.

When you envision your dream bedroom, what do you see? You may be picturing a tall, dramatic headboard. Or maybe you’d like something more sleek and understated. When shopping for bedroom furniture online, keep in mind that chic, light finishes tend to brighten a room and look airy. They’re also very easy to decorate, as the fresh hues go with any decor. Dark and sophisticated pieces appear heavier and more decadent. This is great for more minimalist room designs.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Dresser

white chest of drawers against curtains

Picking the right dresser for your space means considering the size, materials used, color and finish, and the different hardware options. Modern dressers, for instance, tend to have more straight lines and right angles for a cleaner aesthetic. However, you should focus on pieces that fit your vision.

Do you imagine a matching contemporary bedroom furniture set, with a perfectly coordinated bed, dresser, and nightstand? Or do you picture something more customized and unique, with more of a mix-and-match style? Whatever direction you go in, our premium dressers are made of high-quality materials that are meant to be long-lasting. Achieve that modern look with a dresser and nightstand that don’t have handles. Or, opt for metal hardware that pops against the wooden furniture.

Once you’ve determined the look you’re going for, you’ll want to measure your space to decide the height and width you need, as well. Additionally, think about how many drawers you’ll want.

How Many Drawers Do I Need?

double dresser with large vertical mirror

The number of drawers you need depends on how much clothing you have, as well as how you plan to organize your clothing. Bulkier items, such as sweaters or jeans, call for tall, long drawers. Smaller items, like socks, can fit in shallow, short drawers. Take a look at your collection before purchasing your dresser so you know exactly what you need.

Also, consider the other storage solutions you have. If you are also using a bedroom closet or wardrobe, you may not need as many drawers. This saves space in smaller rooms, as you can opt for a little chest of drawers to store the overflow.

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What to Look For in a Nightstand

black nightstand with modern metal hardware

Choosing the right nightstand for your bedroom is an important finishing touch. Look for something that complements your other bedroom furniture and looks great next to your bed. You may want something that matches your nightstand finish and hardwear. On the other hand, maybe you’d prefer nightstands that really pop next to your bed.

Start by carefully measuring the space on either side of your bed to ensure whatever nightstand you pick fits well. Getting a nightstand that’s too large could make the space feel crowded. Our selection of modern nightstands includes a variety of shapes and sizes that will make perfect additions to your contemporary bedroom furniture.

How Tall Should the Nightstand Be?

short black nightstand with silver accents

When you shop for bedroom furniture online, the height you want your nightstand to be is certainly something to be aware of. For a nightstand you can comfortably reach from bed, choose something that’s around the same height as the top of your mattress.

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What’s the Best Way to Organize My Bedroom Furniture?

Before selecting new bedroom furniture, think about how you’ll use this space. Will you just sleep and get dressed in your room, or would you also benefit from a lounge area? Creating specific zones will help you maintain an organized space. For example, if you do have a dresser, place it near your closet or wardrobe for effortless access to all of your clothing in one place. If you have a TV, make sure you’ll be able to see it from the bed and/or sitting area.

Next, take room measurements and finalize the layout for your pieces. You’ll want to be able to move freely through your room and walk naturally between your bed, dresser, closet, and doors. Also, keep in mind the location of any doorways. Putting larger furniture on the opposite side of the room from a door can make a room appear bigger and open up the floor space.

How Do I Pick Decor for My Bedroom?

Once you’ve curated a selection of contemporary bedroom furniture, you can start thinking about what decor to add. For a modern bedroom, you may want to look for items that feature clean lines and pops of color. Some people prefer to choose decor that contrasts with contemporary furniture, like wicker baskets, furs, and muted colors that soften the space.

Remember, your bedroom should be a restful space. To avoid clutter, choose decor that is stylish and functional. Think reading lights, a small collection of books, jewelry boxes, and mirrors.

Modern Bedroom Furniture at Sawyer Twain

Sawyer Twain has beautiful options for furnishing your bedroom. We offer beds, dressers, and nightstands that will look amazing in your contemporary space. Please see our shipping and installation policies for more information on how we can make your shopping experience worry-free. Shop our unique, luxury bedroom furniture online today!