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Modern Room Decor for Those Finishing Touches

Finding the contemporary home decor that speaks to you can be tricky, but it’s the simplest way to create a cohesive space that also showcases your unique personality. That’s why the experts at Sawyer Twain have hand-selected the best of the best when it comes to home accessories.

We exclusively source from trusted, premium brands, so you know you’ll find gorgeous and long-lasting modern room decor. Explore lighting, mirrors, carpets, and more to effortlessly tie your space together with pieces that are all about style, sophistication, and a humble dose of elegance.

Find the Perfect Modern Indoor Lighting

white metal pendant lamp with orbital design hanging from the ceiling

Set the mood! Sawyer Twain has modern indoor lighting available to instantly transform the ambiance of your space. The lamps available here allow for a full realization of your space, as well as the ability to highlight specific parts of the room. For example, hang a stunning pendant light over a table to draw the focus to that gathering place. Keep the style of this modern room decor simple to allow the table to be the show piece. For optimal effect, hang the light about three feet above the surface of the table. Alternatively, celebrate the vertical space in any room by placing a pendant light in the center. The higher the ceiling, the lower your fixture should hang to provide great lighting throughout the room.

floor lamp with wooden frame and white shade

Accent your reading nook, bedside table, or desk with table lamps. Add an air of business and professionalism to your office with a simple, all-metal desk lamp that will shine soft light on your work surface. Choose a table lamp for the living room that matches the rest of your contemporary home decor, including your floor lamps. More detailed lamps are the perfect way to set your bedroom apart as your personal retreat.

Prior to purchasing fixtures, be aware of the natural light your rooms receive. Brighten up dark areas to create a more inviting space. Also, consider lighting options that have dimmers so that you’re able to adjust the lighting as the occasion requires.

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Add Space and Sophistication with a Mirror

rectangular mirror with black frame hanging over a mantel

Adding a mirror to any room in your home is a great way to make a space look larger than it actually is. This home accessory can even lend a hand in illuminating a large room’s dimensions by allowing you to perceive it from different angles. When you’re searching for modern room decor, consider the style you are looking to achieve.

Do you want the mirror to really pop? Select one with a frame that contrasts with the color of the wall (i.e a black frame against a pale wall). Do you want the mirror to blend in?

three round stainless steel mirrors hanging over a buffet

Opt for a frameless piece. Finally, mirrors with metal frames fit perfectly into existing contemporary home decor and offer a slightly more industrial aesthetic.

A long, rectangular mirror will create the illusion of height if you hang it horizontally. For example, place it a bit lower in a bedroom to make the ceiling look higher and to use it as a dressing mirror. Or, hang a rectangular mirror vertically in your living room as a decorative touch. A round option creates a softer look, which is perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. It will also capture natural light.

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Bring a Beautiful Rug Into Your Space

Rugs have the ability to truly bring a room together using color and texture. They also soften hardwood floors and make them more inviting. Before investing in this modern room decor, consider the size and layout of your space. Sometimes, several area rugs break down a large room into clear sections, each with its own purpose. In other cases, the best way to go is one big rug to speak for the entire space.

A small rug in a reading nook makes this space cozy and sets it apart from the rest of the room, while a rug in the center of your living room will anchor your sofa and chairs. Just be sure to leave at least one inch between a wall and the edge of the rug. A plush rug under your bed introduces some luxury to your bedroom. Place the rug so that your feet have something soft to land on in the morning. Finally, a rug under your dining room table will make it pop. Select a rug that extends two to three feet on each side of the table so that, when the chairs are pulled out, they remain on the rug.

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Prioritize Your Bedroom

modern bedroom with queen bed and grey furniture

Your bedroom is a sacred space that you can really make your own. As you choose contemporary home decor for this room, focus on luxurious fabrics and textures, as well as more muted, soothing tones. Smaller bedrooms benefit from lighter, more minimal designs, while larger rooms can support bolder, darker furnishings.

Bring in little details, but keep the entire look simple and sophisticated. Hang a pendant light low over the bed to create an intimate atmosphere, and add reading lights to your nightstands as accent lighting. Make your bed the focal point by placing a rug under the front half of it. No matter what modern room decor you introduce into this space, remember to leave at least three feet between your bed and other pieces so you can easily move around.

Elevate Your Dining Room

round, glass top dining table with a iron base plus two dining chairs

The dining room provides an opportunity to connect with your loved ones over board games and delicious food. So, it’s important that you find furniture that makes spending time in your dining room an automatic decision. Think comfortable chairs and a chic, modern table.

Give the space some personality by hanging artwork on the walls that pull in colors from the rest of the room. Consider adding a mirror to open your dining room space up and amplify the feelings of family togetherness. If you’re going to include a rug, make sure it’s easy to clean, as spills can and do happen.

Love Your Living Room

white leather sectional in a grey living room

It’s likely that you spend most of your free time in the living room. It’s where the family can relax and unwind after a stressful day, reading a book or watching a movie together. Use your modern room decor to create an elegant, yet laid-back, aesthetic.

Include a pendant fixture for ambient lighting, as well as floor and table lamps for accent lighting. This will make your living room more dynamic and useful. If you have a long room with seating oriented in one direction, place a rug vertically, or highlight your coffee table by adding a smaller, round rug underneath it.

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Bring out your home’s full potential! We offer modern room decor and stylish modern furniture that will transform any space. Explore the high-quality pieces available at Sawyer Twain today, and find out how to capitalize on your own sense of style with help from the pros. If you’re having trouble finding something or have questions about any of our pieces, always feel free to reach out to our friendly staff here. We’re happy to help!