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Industrial Pool Table - Axel 8' Steel Billiards Game Table

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Hand forged from rolled steel in Cincinnati and exclusive to Pool-Tables-Plus. The Axel is forged in an upscale Restoration Hardware style with attractive industrial grey steel finish that makes everyone stop, look and want one for their home. A true work of art and one of the most exciting designs in today’s billiard industry. The Axel pool table belongs to a family of industrial products that is revolutionizing the industry with a style, performance and price.

The Axel legs are designed with laser cut steel with threaded steel rods covered with industrial nuts. The rails have genuine K66 rubber cushions. They are made from solid poplar wood that is wrapped with steel. The rail sights are cut in a unique diamond pattern that allows the glow of genuine titanium metal to glow through the laser cuts. The three 1″ framed slates sit upon 3 long steel beams for extraordinary support. This table not only looks great but performs exceptionally well for the professional player. The interior pockets are finished in a black leather.




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Industrial Pool Table - Axel 8' Steel Billiards Game Table Reviews

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