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Top 3 Brands of Pool Tables in Terms of Quality & Style

Top 3 Brands of Pool Tables in Terms of Quality & Style

Jun 29, 2020

You’re considering a new pool table for your home gaming space, but you aren’t sure which brand to buy. At Sawyer Twain, we’re experts on different brands of pool tables, and our team can help you decide which billiards company has exactly what you need. Explore our options of pool tables for sale online to discover the benefits of each of these game room accessories.

Ready to find the best home pool tables for your game room? Check out these top three pool table brands!

1. American Heritage

American Heritage Acero pool table

Acero Pool Table by American Heritage Billiards | White Glove Installation ($6,999)

American Heritage Billiards is one of the largest pool table manufacturers in the nation! They got their start in the 80s and made a name for themselves building every table from scratch — from start to finish. Every single piece is domestically designed, engineered, sourced, and built to ensure the quality and precision of their gaming tables.

The American Heritage philosophy has led them to build all their pool tables the old-fashioned way — with tenon and mortise construction throughout. Their dedication to quality has never wavered to guarantee the longevity and durability of every piece of furniture they create. When you choose American Heritage, you can expect custom metal bolt sights along the rails, unique internal leather drop-in pockets, and construction that exceeds the BCA Tournament specification requirements!

2. Playcraft

Playcraft Bull Run slate pool table

Bull Run 8' Slate Pool Table w/Dining Top Option | FREE SHIPPING ($3,495)

Playcraft is a pool table company that has been around since the 70s. They wanted to create more than just a fun gaming accessory — they wanted to provide quality and value for every owner of one of their pool tables. The Playcraft brand has perfected the creation of eight-foot pool tables and offers them in a number of different aesthetics and configurations. Elevate your space with one of their modern, industrial designs, or create a cozy atmosphere with the rich woods and classic look of a table that’s a little more traditional.

Some of the best features of the Playcraft brand of pool tables include the unique hand finishing, artisan styling, and craftsmanship they bring to every table. They also choose the highest quality wood and metal materials. These tables are usually assembled with a specialty three-piece slate system. Each piece is 3/4” thick backed slate that has been book-matched and honed to within 1000th of an inch. Playcraft is one of the more affordable brands with tables that meet all BCA (Billiard Congress of America) regulations!

3. Plank and Hide Co.

Plank and Hide Xander billiard table with drawers

Xander 8' Pool Table w/White Glove Installation USA ($5,999)

You can trust Plank and Hide to deliver quality, luxury, and playability. They’ve been doing exactly that for decades. Whether it’s a billiard table or shuffleboard, this brand of pool table excels at crafting functional furniture that also provides the customized design style your space needs. Most of their pool tables range between seven and eight feet, and they have pieces that offer modern, traditional, or retro aesthetics.

One unique element of Plank and Hide tables includes their design of convertible gaming sets that also function as dining tables. Many of their pieces also offer convenient, in-table storage drawers that make cleanup and organization quick and easy.

Find Your Favorite

Each of these brands of pool tables offers you dozens of designs, customization options, and lengths. Explore what they have to offer to find the perfect table for your needs.