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The 5 Best Outdoor Pool Tables to Upgrade Your Patio

The 5 Best Outdoor Pool Tables to Upgrade Your Patio

May 29, 2020

When the weather is nice and you feel like spending time on your patio, you might be tempted to do something other than sit around and sip cold drinks. The addition of an outdoor pool table to your patio lounge chairs will elevate the space and enhance your days outdoors. Explore our roundup of the best outdoor pool tables to give your patio an upgrade today.

1. Playcraft Extera Outdoor Billiards Table

One of the best features the Playcraft Extera table has to offer is the weatherproofed aluminum frame that’s been treated with anti-rust coating. Completely moisture resistant, the billiard cloth has also been weatherproofed to ensure UV resistance. Sturdy legs and a tubular subframe create a level playing field that won’t be disturbed by wind, gravel, grass, or shifting sand.

With such dedication and commitment to producing top quality pool tables, it’s no surprise that  Playcraft has managed to develop a durable outdoor entertainment accessory that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Try the best Playcraft outdoor pool table today and decide for yourself.

2. Vision Outdoor Pool Table

vision outdoor pool table on a terrace

Perfect for anyone who prefers a  pool table that doubles as a dining table, this option from Vision is built from solid oak and treated for the ultimate weather resistance. Even the tablecloth is designed for water resistance and stands up to all types of weather. Customize your dining table’s aesthetic when you decide between a white, natural oak, or grey wood finish.

Play a few games with the kids and then set up for dinner in no time when you choose the  Vision outside pool table.

3. MD Sport Billiard Set

For a sleek  outside pool table design, you might want to turn your attention to the MD Sport billiard set. Just the right size for beginners or advanced players, the Titan 7.5’ table delivers high-quality materials and construction to ensure it’s always ready for a game. As one of the best outdoor pool tables for your patio, it has steel legs and oversized levelers for stability as well as a reinforced playing field for a completely smooth surface during gameplay.

This MD Sport billiard table also comes with all the accessories you need. Purchase this table and enjoy a kit that includes two chalks, two cue sticks, a set of billiard balls, a triangle, and a table brush.

4. X-Air Outdoor Pool Table

red and black x-air outdoor pool table setup

Another of the best outdoor pool tables for your patio, the  X-Air 8’ design exudes sophistication and elegance. The seamless steel body is smooth and easy to care for while the single piece slate playing bed delivers a shift-free, completely level playing field. The playing field felt fabric is color customizable and totally resistant to water, staining, rot, mildew, and tearing to ensure you can use this table for decades. When you shop this table at SawyerTwain, you also enjoy a convertible add-on option for table tennis.

Handmade in America, this table is synonymous with quality.

5. Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

One of the smaller tables on our list, the Hathaway pool table is only 6’ long and ideal for children learning how to play. It’s compact enough to place nearly anywhere in your outdoor space and doesn’t require any assembly! All you have to do to set up is choose a spot and unfold the legs. All the accessories for the Hathaway table are included with a kit that boasts billiard balls, two 48-inch cue sticks, a racking triangle, and chalk.

With this selection of the best outdoor pool tables, Sawyer Twain is positive you’ll find something that fits your home perfectly. Explore all our  pool tables today to find even more options!