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5 Tips for Learning How to Get Better at Playing Pool

5 Tips for Learning How to Get Better at Playing Pool

Oct 17, 2022

Pool is an enjoyable hobby and can make for a fun night with friends and family. However, it can be a challenging game to play if you don't often play or know the tricks to make your ball shots count. Learn the top techniques, learn how to get better at pool, and gain the upper hand in your playing skills.

5 Ways to Learn How to Play Pool Like a Pro

1. Pre-Shot Alignment

One of the most significant aspects of learning how to get better at playing pool is taking time to evaluate your play before you go up to the table. Take a couple of moments between shots to look at the play you want to perform; choose your angle, shot speed, and stance location. Chalk up your cue stick as you imagine where you will stand, look, and shoot to pocket your ball.

Once you have a mental image of your shot, you can go to the table, enter your stance position, complete warm-up strokes, and perform your play. Aligning your mind and body together will give you an advantage when playing a game of pool.

2. Stance

How you stand while playing your game is very important to helping you get better at pool. Most people stand with a stride, one foot in front and one foot behind. Then they put most of their weight on one foot.

Play pool like a pro by getting into a comfortable position and focus on equaling your weight distribution throughout your body. Relax your shoulders, position your head equal to the ball, and firmly plant your feet on the ground. A comfortable and proper stance will give you the best shot at using your whole body to play instead of just certain areas.

Man at blue and brown billiards table practicing to get better at pool

3. Grip

Once you have a comfortable stance, look at how you hold the cue stick. Most people like to have a tight grip on the cue. However, this will cause you to hit the cue ball too high or too low. To get a better pool result, you want a straight, relaxed hold on the cue stick to keep optimal control of how it hits the ball.

To play pool like a pro, get into your personal stance, hold your cue stick lightly with one hand and rest it gently on the bridge of your other hand in front of you. Bend over so your eyes and head are straight and in alignment with the ball. When you are in position, strike the ball.

Practice how tight you hold the cue and strike the ball until you get consistent results with your hits. Loosen up your shoulders, square your head and eyes up with the ball, lower your chin to the cue stick, and equal your body weight every time. Practicing how you stand and hold the cue stick will be a significant factor that helps you get better at playing pool.

4. Swing and Length

When you swing the cue stick, ensure it is a smooth transition between your elbow and arm. The rest of your body is still while you swing your arm and elbow in a rhythmic, pendulum-like rotation towards the ball.

When learning how to play pool like a pro, decide the proper length of your swing. For shorter distances, use a softer hit by shortening your swing distance. For the longer shots, strike with a longer swing to give the ball more force. It is easier to control the speed of your cue ball by the length of your swing than by the hardness that you hit the ball.

5. Practice Swings

Get better at your pool game by taking time to set up your perfect stroke with 2 or 3 warm-up swings. Practice where the cue will land on the ball and the shot length and speed before striking the ball. Complete these practice swings before every hit, whether in practice time or a real game.

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