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RS2 Foosball Table Competition Sized Soccer Table for Game Room

94.00 LBS
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Prove to your friends you’re a Pro with our Foosball Table. Built for the most competitive of players, our gaming table is exactly what you need to complete your game room. Show off your skills, go for the split, and pass to your Stryker for the win. The bushing system allows your rods to spin and slide with ease, and oversized leg levelers will keep the table sturdy no matter how intense it gets. With cold right around the corner, take the party inside. Grab your drink, spin, strike and score your way to victory with the foosball table.

Our high quality steel construction with polyester paint finish complements any decor that everyone in the family will love while the legs add a touch of grandeur. This foosball table is able to bring the excitement of the popular sport into the comfort of your own home at an affordable price. Go ahead and venture into the land of foosball, we promise you will never turn back.

Additional Features:

Official competition sized soccer table

Steel player rods with realistic players

High performance player rod bushings to spin and slide with ease

Bead Style Scoring helps keep track of the action for easy scoring

Oversized leg levelers ensure level game play


Material: Iron

Finish: Polyester Coat

Available colors: Red / White / Black / Silver / Pink / Inox

Measures 150 cmL x 113 cm W x 97.5 cm H

Weighs 94,00 kg / 207,23 lb.

RS2 Foosball Table Competition Sized Soccer Table for Game Room Reviews

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