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By Yourshelf

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By Yourshelf is a bookshelf which is always to your liking. Because you build it yourself from individual modules, to get it the size and shape you want. And because you can combine the colours however you fancy. The result is just as you imagine. A strong, solid structure, which is also dynamic, as the shelves are slightly inclined to give a gentle sensation of movement. The modules are fixed together with 4 screws.


Steel coated with polyester paint in a lightly textured finish.


Length x Width x Height
Standard module: 45x37x43 cm / 17.7x14.5x17 in 
Open module: 45x37x43 cm / 17.7x14.5x17 in 
- Module with rear trim panel:45x37x43 cm / 17.7x14.5x17 in

Standard module: 9 kg / 19.8 lb
Open module: 6,3 kg / 13.9 lb
Module with rear trim panel: 11 kg / 24.2 lb

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Sawyer Twain


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