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Most Popular Felt Colors for Your Pool Table

Sep 14, 2022

A pool table is a fun addition to your game room or den, but as a large item, it’s also an important design statement. While there are plenty of elements that you need to consider when choosing the right billiards table for you, one aspect that you don’t want to overlook is your pool table’s colors. The color of the felt on your pool table can really set the tone for the space, informing the color scheme for the whole room. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most popular options for pool table felt colors.

a close up of the 14 pool ball on a pool table with green felt

Classic Tournament Green

By far the most popular pool table felt color is green, specifically what is called “tournament green” or “championship green.” As indicated by the name, this is the shade of felt most often seen in tables used for official billiards play, or in pool halls. The classic shade of green felt is the most popular pool table color because it improves concentration and visibility for players, providing a smooth atmosphere with good lighting effect.

Where did the classic green that has become the signature pool table felt color come from? The answer lies in the history of billiards and similar pursuits as originally being based on lawn games. The classic tournament green shade mimics a lawn and so has endured as the traditional pool table color. There are a lot of slight variations on the classic shade, so you might see slightly lighter or darker hues of green as options for the pool table felt.

Electric Tournament Blue

After the classic green, the next most common pool table felt color is called electric blue or tournament blue. This specific shade of bright blue is acceptable for pro pool and is also a popular pool table color for regular play.

Blue originated as a popular alternative to green when billiards games started becoming widely televised, since some viewers had a difficult time following the progression of the ball on the green table over the screen. The electric blue pool tables proved to cause  less eye strain.

pool balls arranged in a triangle on a pool table with blue felt

Popular Options For Styled Pool Tables

When pool tables are used as a signature decor piece more than a functional billiards setting, the most popular pool table felt colors are dark neutrals like caramel, espresso, and olive. For a bolder look, exotic color choices make a design statement.

There are so many different possibilities for pool table shades. Some felt hues are eye-catching with startling brightness, like “Brite Lime” or “Brite Gold” from our  own collection. Other shade options are neutral or otherwise nondescript, meant to blend in seamlessly or let the dramatic lines of the table design shine rather than draw attention to the tabletop. If you want your pool table to be styled, nothing can do that better than considering popular options for the color of the felt on the top.

Choosing the Right Pool Table Felt Color For You

The wide range of options for pool table colors may feel overwhelmingly daunting. However, it helps to consider honestly the purpose of your pool table. Will you be playing billiards games, seriously or casually, fairly often? It may be better for you then to go with the tournament standard colors or similar shades to that classic green and electric blue to capture the professional feel.

If, instead, your pool table is more of a design feature for your room, it may be better to choose a color that is more unique. You may enjoy browsing different options for pool table felt colors to see what matches best with the color scheme of the space where you want to put the table. It’s also good to consider the shade or stain of the table itself. For example, a dark wood table may look great with a lighter shade of felt that forms an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

Find Your Felt at Sawyer Twain

Whether you’re looking for the classic green pool table felt or you want a bolder color option, we’ve got you covered here at Sawyer Twain. Sawyer Twain is proud to be the source for high-quality pool tables with plenty of pool table felt colors ranging from popular to unique.

Enjoy browsing  our collection today. You can even get a color card sample of our Championship Premium Invitational Felt, showing 33 clear options for your felt that literally span the rainbow and go from white to black. If you’re having trouble finding the right felt color or table for your game room, don’t hesitate to contact us for help.