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Adjusting Your Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters

Adjusting Your Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters

Published by Sawyer Twain on Feb 10, 2021

We all want to play as best as we possibly can and playing a good game does not always lie solely within the hands of the player. In the case of a shuffleboard, players rely on their climatic adjusters to provide a consistent and reliable experience on the shuffleboard. These are installed to ensure that the weights do not fall of the board of the table and into the gutters. Lets dive a bit deeper into what climatic adjusters are and how to make sure that they are serving their purpose.

What is a climatic adjuster?

Shuffleboards must be adjusted due to the varying temperature and humidity levels of their placement; this is accomplished with climatic adjusters. Depending on the size of a shuffleboard table, you can expect for each to have anywhere from 4 to 6 climatic adjusters beneath the table's surface. Most boards will come with climatic adjusters but on others you may need to purchase them.

The climatic adjuster is absolutely necessary in ensuring that your shuffleboard is ready for play as a misaligned adjuster will likely have impacts on your game. These two supporting beams are situated underneath the play surface and create a slight bend so as to keep the weights atop the board.

Is my shuffleboard aligned?

You will be on the right path to ensuring that your shuffleboard is aligned if you see a slight concave in the play surface of your shuffleboard. To test this you will need to place a level atop your table. If your shuffleboard table is correctly adjusted, you should be able to slide a piece of paper underneath the leveler on both side of the table.

In the center of the table you should still have a slight concave, but not as much as at the ends of the table. 

How do I adjust my shuffleboard's alignment?

If your shuffleboard table has too much of a concave in the center, then you will need to lessen the distance between the climatic adjusters, creating a more level surface.

To adjust a concave table, loosen the 2 bolts located in between the climatic adjusters. Then, you will slowly turn the 2 outer bolts clockwise to tighten. This will move the adjusters closer together, decreasing the inward bend of your shuffleboard table and adding support to the center of the table.

In order to adjust a convex table, is just the opposite as above. Instead of decreasing the size of the bow, you are trying to increase the depth of the bow. To adjust convex tables, loosen the 2 bolts on the outside of the adjusters. Then, tighten the inner bolts so that the supports grow farther apart.