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Aramith Crown Standard Ball Set BBCB

8.40 LBS
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1 unit
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Complete set of 15 balls with dotted cue ball

Made of premier phenolic resin

Black numerals on white or inner stripe

Superior quality balance, weight, and hardness

Includes Jim Rempe training ball and manual

Also includes liquid ball cleaner and microfiber cloth

What's Included

Ball set


Enjoy top quality balls and keep them in peak condition with the Aramith Super Pro Value Ball Pack. This set includes 15 standard pool balls made from premier phenolic resin for outstanding balance, weight, and hardness. Also included is a premium dotted cue ball, Jim Rempe training ball, and manual. Keep your set in great shape with the liquid ball cleaner and microfiber cloth.


Size:2.25" in Diameter

Includes:6 Red Dot Cue Ball, 1-15 Balls, Jim Rempe Training Ball, Aramith Ball Cleaner and Aramith Micro-fiber Cloth

Ball Cleaner:8.4 fl oz

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