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Classic Shuffleboard Table

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Made in America shuffleboard table with impeccable, traditional and expert design; the 9' Classic Bankshot Shuffleboard Table by Venture Shuffleboard is made from kiln-dried hard rock maple; with a hard clear synthetic lacquer surface coating and 24" playing surface designed to look excellent in a home and provide a complete shuffleboard experience with a scaled length of 9'. The width of the table is a professional level size, giving you the familiarity with your game that you experience in the pool or shuffleboard halls, while making the most of the free space you have available in your game room or home, or outdoor patio area. The longer and wider the shuffleboard table makes it more or less expensive, and with that comes the most important factor to consider when purchasing your home shuffleboard table: Be sure to give your shuffleboard enough space to be walked around all sides, and enough space on either end to stand and play comfortably with a partner.

The table surface is 1 3/4" thick and features the signature Venture Shuffleboard designers' hard synthetic lacquer coating. The table gutters built into the table provide added support and stability to the 9' Classic Bankshot Shuffleboard Table by Venture Shuffleboard, and their function is to catch the puck, or weight, if it goes over the edge of the play-field, which happens often as a beginner and hopefully not so often the better you improve your shuffleboard skill. Climatic adjusters allow you to maintain the proper balancing and flatness of your table throughout seasons changing and varying weather climates which can warp a table just like any wood surface, changing its state based on moisture and humidity. If you plan on maintaining the same shuffleboard table for many years, the climatic adjusters are a must-have feature, and the 9' Classic Bankshot Shuffleboard Table available at Shuffleboard has just that and more to give you a full professional shuffleboard experience and gameplay, at a scaled fraction of the size, and at a most affordable price available from any online store.

Product Features and Details: 

  • Shipping Dimensions: 108" L x 32" W x 10" H - 450 lbs.
  • Traditional Cushion scoring with 5's in the corners
  • 1 3/4" thick playing surface, coated with Venture Shuffleboard's exclusive hard clear synthetic lacquer
  • Table gutters are tongued and grooved into frame for maximum strength
  • Cabinet is constructed of plywood with a high density laminate covering for maximum stability and durability
  • Climatic adjusters tailor to your geographic location and time of year
  • Two wooden pedestal legs with threaded rubber-padded levelers that are easily adjusted with a standard wrench
  • Includes: weights (pucks), Triple Crown Yellow Ice wax and Maintenance Kit, rules and how to play' information
  • One year manufacturer's warranty covers parts and labor for cabinet
  • Lifetime Warranty on playfield and finish
  • Proudly made in the USA

Processing Time and Shipping:

All Venture Shuffleboards are shipped within 3 to 6 weeks of ordering. You'll be provided with your tracking number shortly after your order is placed. We use FREE Curbside Freight for shipping. All freight items are fully insured. The carrier will contact you to schedule a convenient drop off time. All questions welcome!

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